by Pastor-teacher Dennis Rokser


In this edition of the Grace Family Journal, we want to devote a large section to the life and ministry of Pastor Leonard A. Radtke. Pastor Radtke was not only my father-in-law, but he was the man of God used to teach me the foundational truths of Scripture and to plant the Duluth Bible Church. He also modeled for me, during my years at Heritage Trail Bible Church how a pastor could emphasize the Gospel while teaching the whole counsel of God out of a genuine love for Christ and people. 

It was while sitting under Pastor Radtke's ministry that I learned a dispensational approach to the Scripture. He believed it was crucial "to rightly divided the Word of truth," especially concerning faith and works, the three tenses of salvation, law vs. grace, and Israel vs. the Church. He despise baptistic legalism, hated self-righteous and religious "gypsom and flopsom," and loved the grace of God. 

By God's grace, he was a man of great vision, unbending convictions, and gracious humility who believed that Christ was worth living for completely. Pastor Radtke was gifted in teaching, evangelism, and especially exhortation which he did with a great set of lungs. A strong proponent of the local church and resistor of ecumenical compromise, he suffered great personal slander because of his stand for Christ and evangelistic fervor.

It is with genuine gratefulness that we devote the articles in this issue to Pastor Leonard A. Radtke with the desire that you might not only know of the impact and nature of his ministry, but would likewise say… "for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."