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Pastor Leonard Radtke Sayings


Though all these statements may not be original, they are a sample of Pastor Radtke's more "quotable quotes."

  • Challenging believers to live for Christ… "You’re going to die doing something--you might as well die with your boots on serving Jesus Christ."
  • Challenging how the church cannot save… "You can slip right off a church pew into hell, slicker than a banana peel!"
  • Regarding the natural man… "If you don’t give them the gospel, it’s just a lot of macaroni and spaghetti."
  • Pertaining to the faith-rest life… "Are you standing on the promises or sitting on the premises."
  • Exhorting believers to serve Christ… "There are two groups of people in the church: those who are willing to work and those who are willing to let them."
  • Concerning pastoral ministry… "Some people thing the pastor's job is to match-em, batch-em, and dispatch-em."
  • Regarding the unsaved skeptic… "People will say, 'The Lord is just a crutch for you.' He's not a crutch - He's a stretcher!"
  • Dealing with the urgency of witnessing… "Put on your Red Ball Jets and get going!"
  • Exposing the foolishness of salvation by works… "It's like giving up dandelion greens for Lent."
  • Referring to apostate churches… "They are religious stone quarries… where there is religious gypsom and flopsom by religious cloak and dagger men with turned around collars."
  • Underscoring the need of salvation… "Our life span is three score and ten, and by reason of strength, four score years… BUT the death rate is still one apiece."
  • Encouraging boldness in witnessing… "When I pick up a hitchhiker, I tell him, ‘I dare you to shoot me, because if you do, I know I’m going to heaven.’ Then I ask him if he knows where he is going when he dies. It’s a perfect opportunity to share the gospel with him, because I now have his attention."
  • Encouraging a servant-mentality… "Any person in authority must learn to serve first. Would you be willing to clean a toilet bowl in the church for Jesus Christ?"
  • Regarding the Saviour… "The only person who walked the face of this earth who was 100% psychologically in balance was Jesus Christ."
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